Single Origin Honey, Mango, Papaya

Momotombo is an active volcano in Nicaragua. We named this coffee after it because when you taste it, a real eruption of tropical fruits awaits you! This coffee comes from a micro-lot located at an altitude of 1350m in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. It is composed of no less than 5 coffee varieties: Pache, Geisha (oh yes!) Caturra, Bourbon and Javanica. Which gives it an exquisite complexity! Isabel and Don Roger, from Las Mercedes farm, have themselves affectionately nicknamed it “Tutti Frutti”.

You will get the most out of this coffee and its aromas using a filter method (V60, Chemex, drip or French Press). If your preferred method is espresso, you should focus on the parameters necessary for a good extraction (dose, grinding, distribution …)

Don Roger and his wife Isabel could talk to you about coffee for days. Don Roger has a degree in agronomy and loves sharing his technical knowledge and advice with visiting roasters. For instance, they speak proudly about installing a unique system of PVC pipes with tiny perforations that allows runoff from the coffee washing process to be filtered through the soil. By doing so, they help protect the clean water source that runs through their farm and that supplies downstream communities community with drinking water. We’re happy to offer you the fruit of their combined efforts and skills with this outstanding coffee.


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Don Roger et Isabel (Las Mercedes)



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Bourbon, Caturra, Geisha, Javanica, Pache



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Honey, Mango, Papaya